Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Solutions

Thank goodness for Denise Vivaldo of the Denise Vivaldo Group. I have said many times I can cook, but I'm not a chef and when I started getting lots of questions about cooking a turkey and preparing a Thanksgiving feast I realized I was out of time and ideas.

Fortunately Denise already had this under control and has even written an entire chapter on Thanksgiving cooking and preparations in her Do It for Less Parties.

What I love about Denise is she makes even the most daunting tasks seem possible, and makes cooking fun again. This is only one of the books she has written, and they are all worth owning if for no other reason than the photography - Denise truly wrote the book on food styling.

The book is available on Amazon, but if you can't wait to get her tips and tricks she has graciously shared this chapter on her website here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May yours be full of new memories.

Swimmimg Upstream

I love being a Lifestylist and enjoy taking advantage of the opportunities that have come my way while I have been building my brand. A few weeks ago I was back in Erie Pennsylvania working at the beautiful Hammocks at Millcreek community and decided to go by and visit the beach that I spent lots of Summers at skipping rocks, drifting in an innertube and spending quality time with my family. This area has become well known for it's coho salmon which were running and doing a great job of avoiding the fisherman. It was like they knew exactly where to stay where they couldn't be caught - smart fish!